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Pricing varies depending on the package selected. We will accommodate all budgets and help you reach your goals!

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Fitness Event: The fitness event is the culminating event! You can choose the type of fitness event and we will manage all race set-up and take down, as well as prepare permits and space for event (if needed). We will have hydration stations throughout as well!

Fitness Event Examples:

  • Offsite running event in the community
  • Onsite Running Event
    • 5k Race
    • Color Run
    • Superhero Run
  • Onsite Fitness Events
    • Zumba-thon
    • Yoga-thon
    • Walk-a-thon
    • Triathlon
    • Obstacle Challenge

Fundraising Management: We will work with you to create a fundraising goal and collect and track all monies sponsored.

Event Promotion: We will come to your organization to promote the event. We will introduce it, set up teams and create a positive, exciting atmosphere to get everyone pumped up!

Social Media: We will create a facebook event page, Instagram and twitter feed for your event as well as advertise on our website.

T-shirts: We will create and print custom t-shirts for your event.

Prizes: We will set up a tier of prizes to give out during fundraising as incentive to keep getting donations.



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