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We at Run for Funds Florida value partnerships and collaboration very much! We love to help other businesses be successful and work together for the same purpose. We have some amazing partnerships already established with companies and individuals that are striving each day to be the best they can be! We also have many more partnership and collaboration opportunities available, including, but not limited to: 

  • Business Promotion in exchange for goods/services

  • Event Collaboration for programs and community events

  • Fundraising Prize opportunities in exchange for business exposure and marketing

  • Referral Partnership: Great for teachers!!

Run for Funds Florida focuses on school and organization fundraising. A partnership with our business will help your business grow and reach hundreds of kids, families and community members! We will promote your business on shirts for events, on all our social media and any marketing material we distribute. Please contact us to get started with a partnership today!

Also, check out our wonderful partnerships below! 

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